Green Team Puts Pressure on Senators

NEW YORK The first paid advertising effort from political lobbyists Environmental Defense broke yesterday and aims to put “the heat” on U.S. Senators who will soon be voting on the McCain-Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act.

The act, which would set federal emissions standards meant to combat global warming, could be approved as an addendum to the energy bill that is slated to be presented to the Senate tomorrow. Green Team in New York created a television spot, airing on CNN, as well as two print ads and online electronic banners.

“The idea is to apply a little bit of pressure on the Senate,” said Green Team creative director Hugh Hough, adding that the ads also target opinion makers and potential donors to environmental causes. Green Team, which won the account two months ago, plans to launch a consumer-oriented global warming campaign in October.

The 30-second television spot shows a blazing sun behind the Capitol dome, as a voiceover says, “The issue is global warming, and the heat is on.”

While the narration goes on to say that the act would become “a litmus test” for Senators on the issue of global warming, footage from Getty Images and Environmental Defense juxtaposes crumbling icebergs with mountain lakes, and active smokestacks with flying birds. Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) then weighs in with, “The scientific evidence is on our side. Over time we will win.”

Accompanying print ads, which are running in Roll Call and on The New York Times op-ed page, show political cartoons with captions above copy that explains the group’s position. One ad shows politicians talking outside the Senate Caucus Room while wearing only underclothes and neckties. The caption reads, “You can’t hide from global warming. Now neither can the Senate.”