Great Escapes

Ah, college. Staying up late, eating pizza, and putting articles of clothing to various unconventional and risque uses. At least, that’s the collegiate image dreamed up by McClain Finlon Advertising for Sunneshine, a Colorado clothing retailer.

The Denver agency has created three posters targeting college-age women for Sunneshine, which has stores in Denver and Boulder. Each ad features a model wearing an expensive item of clothing and putting a less expensive one to good use.

One ad shows a woman, pantsless in a Betsy Johnson jacket, running away from a fire escape, her jeans dangling behind. Another ad shows a woman in a bra; her tank top is tied around a fist she has just used to break through glass in a door. A third ad shows the hands of a man tied to a bed (with another tank top), a topless woman standing over him.

“We didn’t just want to have models standing around,” said agency art director Steve Whittier. “What they did is sexy, but requires some thought, too.”

The ads are set to break in June in Denver and Boulder.