Google Seen Building ‘New Web’

NEW YORK Google’s release of a wide-ranging database product, in which users can enter a variety of information, has potentially far-reaching implications for advertising, according to an industry analyst.

Earlier this week, Google introduced Google Base, an online database product that allows users to enter their personal profiles, goods for sale, recipes, events and all matter of content that is not available on the Internet, and therefore not in the company’s search index. Google said it would include Google Base entries, based on their relevance, in search results on, Google Local and Froogle.

Safa Raschtchy, a research analyst with investment bank Piper Jaffray, said in a research note that Google Base is “a Trojan horse to create an entirely new Web of content, already indexed and ready for use by millions, a process which will also create massive advertising inventory for Google.”

Google Base is part of the company’s move to have all information digitized and included in its index, Rashtchy wrote. He sees the potential for Google to combine Google Base with its mapping, communications and other products.

For this to work, Google Base needs to attract a massive amount of content, both from individuals and businesses, according to Rashtchy, through word of mouth and possibly promotion on its home page. He expects keyword-targeted advertising through AdWords will follow.