Google Loses iVillage to Yahoo

NEW YORK Women’s Web publisher iVillage said it would replace Google’s search and contextual text advertising with rival Yahoo’s.

Beginning Sept. 1, the New York-based publisher will begin using Yahoo as its Web search engine, including advertising listings. In addition, Yahoo’s Content Match contextual text advertising will replace Google AdSense advertising on iVillage article pages. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Google and iVillage were partners for two years.

IVillage, along with, and, was one of the higher profile publishers to show Google contextual ads, which also appear on thousands of smaller Web sites. Content Match publishers include, and The Wall Street Journal Online.

Google is facing more competition in the contextual advertising market it has dominated. Web publishers have defected from Google to upstarts like Quigo, IndustryBrians and ContextWeb. Yahoo is rolling out its own self-service contextual listings program designed for small sites that currently use AdSense.