GM Spotlights UAW Donation

A TV spot focusing on the donation of 60 vehicles by the United Auto Workers to the New York Fire Department was created by General Motors corporate agency McCann-Erickson.

McCann, Troy, Mich., which is also lead agency for the automaker’s Buick division, broke the 60-second spot late last month. It will run through Dec. 9 in spot buys in several dozen cities where GM plants are located. It will air on sports programming, local news programs and some primetime shows, said a McCann-Erickson representative.

Titled “The Answer,” the commercial features the traditional Irish song “Danny Boy.” Actual firefighters and a UAW-GM worker are part of the cast.

The commercial opens inside a bustling GM plant. A whistle blows, but the workers on the assembly line stop working long enough only to change their UAW caps for ones that read “FDNY.”

The next scene cuts to one of the bridges into Manhattan, over which several of the recently produced automobiles are crossing. A door decal on one of the General Motors trucks reads “Donated and built with pride.” The skyline of New York City can be seen in the background.