GlobalHue Unveils Dodge Effort

GlobalHue is rolling out its first work for Chrysler’s Dodge Division since the Southfield, Mich., shop won the $150 million multicul tural account in July.

Spots touting the Neon, SRT4 and Durango SUV models offer a humorous take on urban Gen X living. They launch during the next two months.

A Durango spot that breaks later this month features an African Amer ican salesman prepping a white customer for a test drive. “You know, you can tell how a person grabs life by the way he grips the wheel of a Durango,” he says. The prospect is transported into a player’s world, including a beautiful woman, sycophants dangling VIP passes and private jets. He is awakened by the dealer dangling the keys. “VIP, beautiful women. It happens to every one just before the test drive,” he says.

A commercial for the Neon SFX shows the car’s four models filled with young people heading to a party. They pull up at a light, where their friend sits in a BMW. They ask if he’s going to the party. “I gotta work,” says the BMW driver. A pizza-delivery lan tern on his hood is revealed, and when he shows up at the party, he’s delivering pizza. A voice over says, “Dodge SXT: four cool cars, and you won’t have to work two jobs just to buy one.”

The spot for Dodge’s limited-edition SRT4 shows a couple and their male friend in the back seat, cruising the city. All’s well until the friend gets kicked out for caressing the woman. Spots end with Dodge’s tag, “Grab life by the horns,” but with an addendum touting Chrys ler’s warranty.

Spanish-language versions of the Neon and the Dodge spot will also run.

The SRT4 spot will break in early December to support MTV’s Chrys ler-sponsored show, Fast Enuff Challenge, which airs Dec. 7. It features young drivers preparing to race each other in Dodge Neons.

“We are tying urban youth culture with Dodge’s passion point of rac ing,” said Julie Roehm, Dodge director of communications marketing.