Karl Greenberg

Chevy in Times Square: ‘New Year, New Tahoe’

NEW YORK Chevrolet said it would launch its redesigned 2007 Chevy Tahoe in New York’s Times Square on New Year’s Eve. The company will elevate a pair of Tahoes above […]

Ford to Pull Ads From Some Gay Media

NEW YORK Ford Motor Co. confirmed today that the company’s Jaguar and Land Rover brands would no longer advertise in publications such as The Advocate, aimed at the gay community.Ford […]

Turtle Wax Sees Ice as a Clear Winner

NEW YORK Turtle Wax next year will release what it hopes is the iPod of shine: a clear wax that leaves no chalky residue, doesn’t require elaborate buffing and is […]

Ford CEO Returns to Ads

NEW YORK Ford Motor Co. chairman and CEO Bill Ford Jr. will once again take a star turn in the carmaker’s television commercials breaking this week, the company said. The […]

Saab Jets, Cars Travel in Tandem

NEW YORK Saab is launching its first image campaign in over a year to support several new and refreshed vehicles and to help anchor the drifting brand to something tangible: […]

Characters Carry Chrysler’s SUV Message

NEW YORK DaimlerChrysler is launching an interactive and direct TV campaign this week that centers on a series of short sitcom-style features about a fictive family, the Mudds. The episodic […]

Jed Connelly and Jan Thompson, Nissan

The more successful a tagline becomes, the more it takes on shades of new meaning. In 1998, Apple urged computer users to “Think Different,” but it was Apple who later […]

Kia Fires President, CEO; Adds VW Exec

LOS ANGELES As Kia Motors America’s annual dealer meeting ended today in Las Vegas, so did the tenure of president and CEO Peter M. Butterfield, who was dismissed without explanation […]

Chevy Silverado Sheds ‘Like a Rock’

NEW YORK Chevrolet is introducing another installment of its year-old “American Revolution” brand campaign, with a new spot for its Silverado truck line from Campbell-Ewald.Gone is “Like a Rock,” the […]

Dodge Seeks Star for Hemi Campaign

NEW YORK DaimlerChrysler’s Chrysler Group is casting for a new campaign backing the 2006 iteration of its full-size pickup, the Dodge Ram. The campaign, via BBDO, Detroit, includes TV, print […]