Get Away to the Lower 48

Local tourism bureaus brush up on marketing

With the approach of the summer travel season (and with the staycation enshrined in consumers’ economically uncertain hearts), a number of local tourism bureaus are trotting out new marketing initiatives in hopes of grabbing a bigger share of seasonal leisure spending. Seven nights in Paris? Nah, we’ll take New Hampshire.

Idaho Division of Tourism

‘My ID’ photo-personalized site

Drop a photo of your head into this new PixFusion program to watch yourself and loved ones romping around potato territory. Send custom postcards to friends, too!

New Hampshire Tourism

‘Live Free and…’ Campaign 

New Hampshire invites you to customize the state motto (“Live Free or Die”) on Facebook by filling in your favorite outdoor activity: “Live Free and…” (Be nice, now.)

Newport, Rhode Island Tourism

Image and Logo Overhaul

Touristy towns along the R.I. coast just joined forces under a new logo with a new tagline: “Nine Coastal Towns, One Big Experience.” Yet another reason to pick Pawtucket.