Fuddruckers Awards Creative to SWG&M

DALLAS SWG&M Advertising has picked up creative ad duties for Fuddruckers, the shop said.

The independent agency, which is based in El Paso, Texas, won the account of the Austin, Texas-based hamburger chain in a review that included finalist RuffCoffinBreedlove, also of Austin, according to client director of marketing Scott McCullough. Maloney Strategic Communications in Dallas previously handled the account but was not invited to defend.

“Maloney did a nice job for us, but we are growing and we were looking for someone who had national brand experience,” McCullough said. “And if we could find an agency that could do that in Austin, we were looking for that.”

SWG&M, which maintains an Austin office, handles multicultural marketing for Shell Oil Products, among other clients.

Keystone Media in Austin continues to handle media for the client.

SWG&M will initially handle general-market work, but McCullough said as Fuddruckers expands an urban concept currently being tested in Washington, D.C., it’s possible the agency will handle multicultural work as well.

The shop is charged with increasing brand awareness for the client, which has 205 locations in 31 states, and assisting in launching promotions and products. “We’re not going to redefine the brand, but we want to refine and strengthen it,” McCullough said.

He said future campaigns would target both loyal customers who eat at Fuddruckers several times a week and people who visit less frequently.

Billings are undisclosed. Fuddruckers spent less than $1 million on advertising last year, according to TNS Media Intelligence/CMR. McCullough said previous work primarily involved a promotional calendar and local marketing events. He declined to comment on future marketing efforts.