Fox Employs MySpace for Movie Premiere

NEW YORK 20th Century Fox is looking to tap into the growing MySpace community to publicize its upcoming comedy, Date Movie.

The studio is running a “Pimp My Profile” campaign on MySpace that offers to have the film’s star, Tony Cox, alter a user’s MySpace page. After adding their MySpace profile name, Cox offers to spruce it up with photos of Date Movie‘s stars and wallpaper.

The promotion was created by New York-based independent shop Deep Focus. In its first two days, nearly 4,000 MySpace users have added Date Movie as a “friend.” The film premieres on Friday.

Marketers are gravitating toward consumer-generated media sites like MySpace for their growing audiences, particularly in younger demographics. MySpace has about 50 million members, and several movie and entertainment companies have promoted new releases by creating dedicated Web pages on the site.

20th Century Fox parent company News Corp. bought MySpace for $580 million last July.