Fort Franklin Exhibits Green Thumb

BOSTON Fort Franklin is introducing its first broadcast campaign for Weston Nurseries.

A 30-second TV commercial shows scenes of people transporting various trees and shrubbery, most of the time with the plants falling off vehicles or being crushed. A voiceover says, “Plants aren’t meant to travel. They don’t carry passports. Or visit relatives in the Midwest. Plants have roots. Roots belong in the ground, which is why we raise hearty, climate-tested plants right here on our 900-acre farm.”

The spot concludes, “Because when you have roots, it’s better to stay right where you are.” The campaign is tagged, “Unearth the possibilities.”

The Boston agency won the business in May after a review of undisclosed shops. “It’s another great [win] for Fort Franklin because it broadens our range of clients,” said president and creative director Marc Gallucci.

Weston Nurseries grows its plants to withstand harsh climates; it does not import products from warmer Southern climates, according to Gallucci. “That’s a huge point of difference,” he said.

Breaking this week, the campaign includes one 30-second TV commercial and a radio spot, as well as collateral materials. TV is running on Channel 56 and HGTV. Creative credits include Pete Shamon as copywriter and Gallucci as director of the spot.