Fort Franklin Dresses Up Ads for Gadsby Hannah

boston—Fort Franklin debuts the tagline, “Guides for your business adventure,” in its first print ads for law firm Gadsby Hannah.

Work consists of four ads, all using the headline, “An ordinary lawyer could take your business to the wrong places.”

The ads show photographs of lawyers, with only their torsos and the lower halves of their heads visible. They sport brightly colored vacation T-shirts over their business suits. “Livin’ it up in insolvency,” “Chapter 7: The Aloha State” and “I spend my summers in Arbitration” are three slogans emblazoned across the shirts.

“Over the past five years the marketing of law firms has become more sophisticated,” said Caitlin Ahern, director of marketing at Gadsby Hannah. “We decided to do consumer-style ads … We’re thrilled with the results.”

Fort Franklin sought to position the Boston-based client as an expert at helping companies navigate through various business sitiations, according to Marc Gallucci, president and founder of the Boston shop.

“The ill-fitting T-shirt represents a bad souvenir from a place you didn’t want to go,” said Gallucci.

The effort broke last week in the Boston Business Journal, Massachusetts High Tech and in Logan Airport shuttle terminals. Additional executions are expected to break this fall; spending was not disclosed.

Production credits include Gallucci as creative director, Steve Cullen as copywriter and Chris Valencius as art director. Craig Orsini handled the photography.

Gadsby Hannah concentrates on emerging growth, technology and construction companies. The law firm also handles finance, real estate, litigation and bankruptcy cases.

The 25-person agency won the Gadsby Hannah account earlier this year. Fort Franklin’s clients include Cider Jack Hard Cider, Kangol and Army Bags. Seeking to diversify its client roster, Fort Franklin is competing against DiMassimo Brand Advertising in the final round of a review for the Sugarbush Ski Resort account.