Ford to Premier New Pre-Owned Program

Ford Motor later this month will kick off a print, radio and Internet campaign for its Ford Quality Certified Pre-owned program.

The print effort, from J. Walter Thompson, Detroit, will start in late April publications. Photos of pre-owned Ford vehicles are featured with pithy statements written in block letters across the windshields. One says, “The difference between new or used? Pre-Set radio stations.” A message on the window of a pre-owned Mustang reads, “More like Pre-Worshipped.”

Radio spots will break on April 16, with 30-second national network spots on music programs such as Casey Kasem’s Top 40, American Country countdown, and MTV/VH1. Ford said the spots would also air on broadcasts of the NBA Playoffs, Stanley Cup and Major League Baseball games. Ford will also broadcast 60-second regional network radio spots.

The consumer research Web-site will comprise the Internet leg of the campaign. The site, developed solely to promote Ford Quality Checked Certified Pre-owned vehicles, will list warranty details, explain the 115-point inspection process, identify the participating Ford Quality Checked dealers, which Ford said exceeds 665, and describe the program specifics. Ford will also offer contests and sweepstakes incentives Web sites catering to youth markets.