Festival Honors Young Creatives

CANNES, FRANCE Mariangela Lacedra, an art director, and Micol Talso, a copywriter, won the Young Creatives Film competition today at the Cannes festival.

The duo, both from 1861 United in Italy, beat out entrants from 20 other countries. The teams were given two days to create a 30-second commercial that revolved around MTV’s “Switch,” an effort to educate the public about the need to reduce carbon emissions and other environmental threats.

In the winning spot, a man lounges in the water at a beach. As he leaves the ocean, he reaches down and pulls up a large plug; the visual is accompanied by the sound of water going down the drain. The words “Taking a bath uses more water than you can imagine. Take a shower” appear.

In the other Young Creatives competitions, Felipe Lima, an art director at AlmapBBDO, and Diego Oliveira, art director, Africa, both representing Brazil, won the Young Creatives Cyber gold for a Web application that shows a young man with the words “Which side do you want him to take?” The user can then transform him into a child soldier or soccer player.

In the Young Creatives Print competition, Juan Pablo Gaete, art director, and Michael Honeyman, copywriter, both of Publicis Chile, won for a poster depicting a bullet-riddled wall with the logo for Right to Play, an organization that promotes sports to disadvantaged children.