Federal Savings Hits Airwaves

For its initial foray into TV advertising, Federal Savings Bank this week unveils animated spots featuring spokescharacters Roger and Dora, who have become popular in radio executions that have run for several years.

“The two characters were well received,” said Greg Filias, creative director and copywriter at Portsmouth, N.H.-based Filias Advertising. “We thought, ‘What a unique idea it would be to animate them.’ I thought that the characters were lovable enough that people would attach themselves to them.”

The first spot, titled, “Roger’s Day,” features the Flintstones-style married couple discussing their banking. A sweating Roger has donned running shoes and is jogging in place in preparation for his multiple trips to different banks. He says, “It’s banking day; lots of stops to make!” Dora berates him, “Do you know how ridiculous you look?” She reassures him that at FSB, they can do all their banking in one place.

In a second spot, Roger packs a suitcase full of dress shirts in anticipation of meetings at the bank. He says, “Lots of people to see—it’s a complicated process.” Again, Dora assures him that at FSB, “You’ll be back home in no time!”

The tagline, “No mergers. No acquisitions. No fear” reflects FSB’s positioning as a customer-focused local bank opposed to the mergers and acquisitions that have changed the New England banking landscape.

“We are a community bank, not stock-held,” said Carol Bailey, vice president ofmarketing and compliance at FSB, which maintains branches in the New Hampshire communities of Dover, Durham, Portsmouth and Barrington.

“We thought [the animated spots] were a great thing to do on a limited budget,” said Bailey. “We can’t afford a spokesperson, so we created our own.” The TV spots break today; print work broke last week and radio spots debut in April. Print work will run in the Portsmouth Herald and Foster’s Daily Democrat. TV spots will run on cable and a radio spot will run exclusively on Portsmouth’s 92.5 FM.