FCB Worldwide uses the Detroit Tigers’ new home

FCB Worldwide uses the Detroit Tigers’ new home, Comerica Park, as the linchpin for the baseball team’s new advertising campaign.
The campaign is meant to build anticipation for the first season at the multimillion-dollar ballpark. Three spots, which broke last week, will air for six weeks on regional TV and cable. Companion print, outdoor and radio executions will break over the next several weeks.
The campaign introduces the tagline: “You’ll love playing here,” and includes a countdown that alerts the viewer to how many days are left before opening day on April 11.
The 30-second spots play up the ballpark’s construction, which included work that lasted all winter. In “Snowman,” all-star catcher Brad Ausmus sprints down a snow-covered third base line and slams into a snowman standing at home plate. In “Long Ball,” Dean Palmer is engrossed in batting practice, bouncing balls off beams and other parts of the unfinished park while unfazed construction workers pay no heed.
“It’s a huge opportunity for [the team] to leverage what the Tigers are, personality-wise,” said Gary Topolewski, executive vice president, global creative at the agency. “They’ve been struggling … but having a new stadium, having new players–everything seems to be lining up.”
In Chicago, meanwhile, Tom Reilly Advertising begins its second year promoting the Chicago White Sox by continuing its “The kids can play” theme.
Unlike last year, which introduced the team of mostly unknowns to the Sox’s core fan base, this year’s campaign aims for a broader audience.
“This year, the campaign has been broadened so that a guy can feel involved with the team even if he only goes to one game,” said Dave Sheehan, president of the Evanston, Ill., agency. K