Fast-Food Mascots That Should Live Again, and Who Should Stay Dead

If it's Mascot Madness, then long live Mayor McCheese!

Last week, KFC gave Colonel Harland Sanders a makeover, tapping SNL veteran Darrell Hammond for the return. Earlier this month, McDonald's brought back the Hamburglar, who was simultaneously reviled and loved. 

Are fast-food brands all vying to revive their mascots? And if we are entering what we'll call Mascot Madness, then who should be the next one to be resurrected? 

Here are a few we think should stay dead, followed by some others we wouldn't mind seeing again. 

Stay Dead: 

5. Burger King's Herb

The campaign's concept—tracking down a man who'd never tasted a Whopper—was fun but the execution fell flat. Herb turned out to be a squirrelly weirdo who was uncomfortable with the spotlight, and that's not necessarily who you want for your brand mascot. 


4. Taco Bell's Chihuahua (Gidget)

While the Taco Bell Chihuahua yielded interesting camera work, especially when the spots offered point-of-view shots from Gidget's perspective, the talking dog aspect got old fast. Gidget was everywhere, too, and a revival would just feel dated. 


3. Quiznos' Spongmonkey

It's surprising that the Spongmonkeys ever made it to air. They're bizarre, ugly and a little off-putting. What began as an Internet phenomenon created by Joel Veitch crossed over into mainstream marketing with Quiznos, giving the brand a distinct, albeit odd, voice. But did it make you want a sandwich? Probably not. 


2. The Domino's Noid

There was always something off about Domino's Pizza's Noid. Why did he want to make your pizza cold? Why did he hate quality pizza? Sure, the animation was fun, but the Noid was a silly, annoying concept. 


1. McDonald's Grimace

Out of all of Ronald McDonald's friends, Grimace has always been the creepiest. He's a big purple blob. Why? Who knows! Initially introduced as a villain, Grimace transitioned to become a part of Ronald's group of friends—but he still never quite fit. 



5. Showbiz's Billy Bob

Sure, Showbiz Pizza has been defunct since the early '90s, but there was something delightfully fun about Billy Bob. He had pizzazz. And because Showbiz was initially under the same company as Chuck E. Cheese's, he could be reintroduced as part of the mouse's family. 


4. Arby's Oven Mitt

The Oven Mitt is one of the only mascots that had a deep and abiding love for the food he was hocking. He had a nice singing voice, too.


3. Tastee-Freez Twins

The Tastee-Freez twins—Tee and Eff—were adorable. The dollops of ice cream on their heads stayed on message, and if Tastee-Freez brought them back, it could be a fun way to recall the brand's 1950s launch.  


2. Pizza Hut's Pizza Head

Pizza Head was off-putting, like something out of a bad acid trip. But he's also somehow endearing, and a revival might corner the expanding stoner market for Pizza Hut. 


1. McDonald's Mayor McCheese 

If you're selling cheeseburgers and you've got a mascot with a cheeseburger for a head, how is that not a winning idea? Plus Mayor McCheese's outfit was much cooler than any of the other McDonaldland characters.