Fallon intensifies creative star search

Fallon McElligott is turning up the heat under its search for a creative director, and the agency is said to be scouting in New York and in London for a successor to Pat Burnham.
The former Porsche agency’s vacancy in the top creative spot was cited as the main reason Fallon was cut from Audi’s finalist list, sources said last week.
Fallon, which had considered itself a sure bet for the Audi finals, has stepped up efforts to find a replacement for Burnham, who left the agency as creative director in March. One lure, sources said, is the offer to remove former agency principal Tom McEllx’s name from the door to reflect the new creative director’s presence.
“Fallon is looking for a rare person . . . someone who has a hybrid mix of an impeccable creative pedigree and business moxie,” said a source close to the search. “They want someone with a big enough name and reputation that they can put it on the door and that the Fallon creatives will have respect for the choice.”
Fallon has been said to be courting Bill Westbrook, vice chairman/director of creative services at Scali, McCabe, Sloves’ sister agency, The Martin Agency, Richmond, Va. But Westbrook’s availability, with recent Scali defections, may have just been curtailed (see story on page 3).
“I think he’d be terrific,” said a source close to Fallon. “He really knows how to light up a room.”
Fallon executives did not return repeated phone calls.
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