Fallon Expats Open Own Shop

Advertising, fly-fishing and family all factor into the conversation when Tom Riddle talks about Make, the ad agency he has opened in Portland, Maine, with fellow ex-Fallon art director Dan Bryant.

While Maine is no Minneapolis in terms of advertising, Riddle and Bryant are counting on their experience with national brands such as BMW and International Trucks to help them lure clients to an area where they have family and, as outdoorsmen, love the lifestyle.

“One of the things I liked about Fallon was their approach to quality of life and [the fact] that they do great work,” Riddle said. “They made it OK to live in a small, rural town and do great advertising.”

Make, which opened last week with no other employees, has projects from several clients, including launch materials for an undisclosed Minneapolis-area restaurant chain.

Riddle, 40, and Bryant, 35, first worked together about four years ago on the rebranding of International Trucks at Fallon. Riddle had just joined the Publicis Groupe agency after two years as a designer at its Duffy Design unit.

Riddle’s latest work at the shop is a Lee for Women effort that breaks during the Emmys. He served as a co-art director with David Carter for Fallon’s BMW Films work.

“Tom had great graphic sensibilities,” said Bruce Bildsten, creative director at Fallon in Minneapolis. “He always added something really great aesthetically.”

Bryant left Fallon nearly two years ago, spent several months hiking the Appalachian Trail and has more recently been freelancing.