Epica: Coke’s Got the Most in the Machine

NEW YORK Wieden + Kennedy’s Amsterdam, the Netherlands, office took top honors in the film category at the 20th annual Epica Awards for its animated “Happiness Factory” commercial for Coca-Cola.

Scholz & Friends in Berlin won top honors for Jobsintown.de in print.

Billed as “Europe’s premier creative awards”, the Epica awards named 61 winners, who will receive their statues at a January ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden.

The U.K. scored the most winners with 15, followed by Germany (7) and the Netherlands (7).

In the wordless “Happiness Factory,” a young man approaches a Coke machine on a city street. As he inserts a coin into the machine, the viewer is taken on a fantastical journey of how a bottle of Coke comes to be. Flying creatures with helicopter rotors on their backs, convoluted machinery that is simultaneously old and new, and the sacrifice of snowmen are all required to chill the beverage. The process ends with a giddy, confetti-drenched parade, complete with fireworks and hot-air balloons, before the bottle is delivered to the customer’s hand.

The Jobsintown.de effort shows unhappy people performing jobs they wish they weren’t stuck in, including a woman who apparently works inside a coffee vending machine (apparently a drearier place than its Coke counterpart.)