Employment Outlook

Ready to forsake the marketing biz and seek work on the assembly line? Don’t be too hasty. In its latest quarterly poll of nearly 1,100 CEOs at small and midsize companies, TEC International detected a coming boomlet in sales and marketing jobs (see chart). More broadly, according to the TEC Confidence Index polling (fielded in late February), 62 percent of CEOs expect their total number of employees to rise during the next 12 months, versus 6 percent expecting head counts to decline. Nor are CEOs plotting to outsource every job other than their own. Twelve percent do intend to move some manufacturing functions overseas, but outsourcing plans are small to negligible in other job categories. And 73 percent of the CEOs said they have no plans to shift any work overseas in the next 12 months. The poll does indicate some CEOs hope to downsize themselves: One in 10 are on the Atkins diet, and twice that many have tried it in the past.