Emirates Airline Launches U.S. TV Ad Campaign

StrawberryFrog creates appeal to American nationalism

Emirates Airline has launched a national television campaign in the United States, the airline's creative agency StrawberryFrog announced today.

The spot, which began airing Tuesday, touts Emirates' growing fleet of Boeing 777s, wrapping a pointed political appeal into a lighthearted execution. Set to Johann Strauss' "Blue Danube Waltz," the ad simulates a crew of hard hats assembling an entire jumbo jet in 30 seconds, the same amount of time it takes a fictional male flight attendant to roll a cart of bottled water from one end of the plane to the other and flirt awkwardly with his female colleague. "Right now, thousands of American workers are building the world's largest fleet of an amazing aircraft," boasts the voiceover. In other words, the company, owned by the government of the United Arab Emirates, is creating jobs in the U.S. by buying American-built aircraft.

While that message is presumably driven more by profit motive than by genuine patriotism, there's truth to the claim. In November, Emirates announced it would be ordering 50 more 777 jets, valued by Boeing at $18 billion, to add to its 94 777s in operation and the 41 already on order.

StrawberryFrog's New York office handles all global TV creative for Emirates Airline while StrawberryFrog in Amsterdam is responsible for the brand's print and digital. 

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