Edwards Seeks True Believers

LOS ANGELES Presidential hopeful Sen. John Edwards, D-N.C., unveiled his latest campaign ad in Iowa on Wednesday. Called “Believe,” the decidedly upbeat 30-second spot seeks to distance Edwards from the other Democratic contenders.

Filmed at a recent Waterloo, Iowa, town hall meeting, Edwards appears on camera and provides a voiceover to footage of a crowd applauding.

“I believe in the politics of what’s possible, and for me that’s what this election is about,” Edwards says. “See, I think that this is about something much bigger than these petty snipings that are going on. It’s about a new, positive, uplifting vision for America. That’s what we are about as Democrats. It’s what we should always be about.”

“We’re the party that believes in bringing people together, not tearing them apart,” Edwards continues. “Together, you and I are going to change America, because you believe in the same thing.”

In a spot released yesterday, Edwards foreswore attack ads. “I won’t tell you what’s wrong with every other candidate, but do what’s right for America,” the candidate pledged [Adweek Online, Jan. 13.]

Edward’s ads are produced by Penczner Media, Washington, D.C., in association with David Axelrod of Axelrod & Associates, Chicago.