Edwards Emphasizes American Job Security

LOS ANGELES Democratic candidate for president John Edwards released a new ad for today’s primary in Wisconsin that emphasizes his plan to save American jobs from going abroad.

Called “Hire,” the television spot shows Edwards in a town hall format, in front of a backdrop reading “For Real Change.” Between shots of factory-floor operations, Edwards says: “We’ve lost over a million manufacturing jobs since Nafta and some of these other trade agreements have passed. Well, in my mind, providing security for America also means securing America’s jobs right here at home.”

Edwards continues: “Remember about 20 years ago, America took on this motto ‘Buy American?’ How about ‘Hire American,’ keeping our jobs right here in this country, where they belong. That’s what this campaign is about. You and I can do that together.”

Edwards is also running the spot “Believe” in Wisconsin. His advertising has been produced and directed by Penczner Media, Washington, D.C., in association with David Axelrod of Axelrod & Associates, Chicago.