Durex Destigmatizes Anal Sex; Meet the IAB’s New CEO: Wednesday’s First Things First

Plus, Walmart’s Janey Whiteside on adapting to the pandemic

Durex billboard ad
New Durex campaign aims to tackle the taboo around anal sex. Durex / Havas London
Headshot of Jess Zafarris

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Durex Challenges the Stigmas Around Anal Sex, Which It’s Not Allowed to Mention in Ads

Even though both gay and straight couples regularly engage in anal sex as part of perfectly ordinary intimate relationships, brands like Durex aren’t allowed to talk about it in their ads. That’s why the brand, with the help of Havas London, media agency One Green Bean and Havas Paris, has launched a campaign that addresses the censorship with an image of two men kissing alongw ith the text “It’s 2020 and we still can’t talk about normal sex here.” 

Continuing the discussion: The campaign also includes adding a positive chapter on anal sex to the Kama Sutra.

Road to Brandweek: Walmart’s Janey Whiteside on Adapting to a Pandemic and Connecting With Consumers

“More than ever, companies are moving with speed.” Janey Whiteside, Walmart’s first-ever chief customer officer had to innovate quickly when the pandemic hit. Above all, that meant putting customers’ needs at the center of the brand’s marketing strategy, and advancing the shopping experience to make pickup and delivery easier and introduce new membership options. We caught up with Whiteside ahead of her talk at Brandweek 2020 to discover what’s next for Walmart.

Reaching out: The brand also worked with TikTok influencers like Jason Derulo to creatively reach more people.

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After 14 Years, IAB Is Getting a New CEO

Randall Rothenberg has been the CIA of the Interactive Advertising Bureau and IAB Tech Lab for 14 years, but now on Sept. 15 he’ll be passing the torch to David Cohen, who is currently the president of the organization. In a statement, Rothenberg said that Cohen has expanded the IAB’s media marketplaces, accelerated its strategic initiatives and introduced more industry leaders into its councils.

A different era ahead: Rothenberg said Cohen will lead the organization through the coming era, which will involve navigating new privacy regulations and the adoption of 5G tech.

Oracle to Shutter Third-Party Data Services in Europe

Oracle Data Cloud representatives have begun telling partners that it will stop offering third-party data targeting services in the EU, Switzerland and the U.K. next week as it navigates a massive class-action lawsuit over alleged GDPR violations. That means that Oracle’s data management platform services including BlueKai, Crosswise and Datalogix will not be available using third-part data after Sept. 15.

Inside the issues: The company dialed down the promotion of these services in Europe after the GDPR went into effect.

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With the Raiders in Las Vegas, 49ers Launch New Campaign to Expand Fan Base

After the Oakland Raiders departed California and headed to Vegas this summer, that left 2020 Super Bowl victors the San Francisco 49ers the only team in town. But although the 49ers’ new “Faithful to the Bay” slogan and campaign salutes its standing in San Francisco, CMO Alex Chang says it isn’t meant to troll the Raiders by attempting to convert fans. Instead outreach is focusing on young fans and new residents who don’t have any current team loyalties. Watch: The fan-focused ad celebrates the culture of the city.

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