Duo's New BBL Explodes In Duolingo's 5-Second Regional Super Bowl Ad

Earlier this week Duolingo teased the ad with social footage of the owl's BBL surgery

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Duolingo’s owl mascot got a BBL this week in the brand’s outrageous social campaign. Then it exploded during the Super Bowl.

Duo the owl appeared in a :5-second regional Super Bowl ad “Do your lesson, no buts.” First, Duo turns away from viewers as if to show off the surgery results. Then, the owl’s butt begins to inflate and explodes as Duolingo’s “Correct” chime plays. When Duo’s butt explodes, a new green owl pops out.

Duo gets a BBL

This might’ve puzzled Super Bowl viewers who weren’t in on the BBL social media joke, prompting them to search online for answers or post about it on social media.

The ad aired in Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York City and Pittsburgh, In Duolingo’s social campaign, viewers come along with Duo to visit the plastic surgeon Dr. Miami. Duo’s after a bigger butt. After undergoing surgery, Duo fans are left left wondering about the results—and why the owl wanted a BBL in the first place.

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