Dremel Tools Along

Cramer-Krasselt changes course in this year’s holiday campaign for Dremel Tools with a series of snippet-like commercials that target female gift buyers.

Three 10-second spots from the Milwaukee agency show just a glimpse of one of the Racine, Wis.-based company’s rotary tools. The spots instead show unsuccessful gifts being put to unintended uses.

An unwanted CD, “A Very Ukelele Christmas,” is used as a drink coaster, for example. A garish shirt is used to wipe up a spill. And an unattractive tie is employed to secure a Christmas tree to the top of a car.

Each ad ends with a female voiceover, “Give him something he’ll really use,” along with a Web site address, www.dremelgifts.com.

“We think we’re talking to a consumer who may not be that familiar with tools,” said Susan Bishop, svp, management supervisor at the agency.

For women, specific qualities of the tools are unimportant, hence the lack of technical talk. “We’re playing on the errors she has made in the past,” Bishop said.

Last year’s holiday effort tried to get men to ask for the brand, Bishop said. Re search done since, including an examination of warranty cards, convinced the company that targeting the actual gift buyer would be more effective, she said.

The spots break Nov. 29 and run through Christmas on Lifetime cable and syndicated shows such as Oprah and Maury Povich.

Dremel, a unit of Skil/Bosch, spent $6 million on measured media last year, per CMR.