Doody Calls

Game brand says dog poop can really be a lot of fun

Maybe you played hopscotch when you were a kid. But if you live in a major American city where dog ownership is common, chances are you've played hopscotch just today—the kind where the object is to avoid stepping in… well, you know. Most people don't consider that much of a game, with the apparent exception of the folks at Goliath Games LLC. This week, the Dallas-based toy maker let drop a unique new board game called Doggie Doo. Finally, a crappy marketing idea that makes no apologies for itself.

The object of the game, to quote the official text, is to "feed the Doggie his special food, roll the die to find out how many times to squeeze his leash. Each time you squeeze… you will hear a gassy sound that gets louder and louder until the 'doo' comes out the other end!"

Oh, boy.

According to the company, the game's true purpose "is all about responsible pet ownership," because only the player who scoops the most poop wins. If that's right, Goliath might have done well to partner with the local sanitation authority for this product roll-out. Actually, that's exactly what it did try to do. "There was a local pooper-scooper day down here and we were trying to interest the organizers in this," said company marketing rep Jennifer Robinson. "But they weren't interested. We told them they were missing out."

Their loss. But for only $29.99, sanitation-minded boys and girls can get in on all the scooping action they want. Ready for a shitty time right now? You can watch the game being played here.


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