Dodge Celebrates Game Day’s ‘Empty Streets’ in Pregame Ad

GSD&M created the spot, which also ran during NCAA hoops games

Dodge celebrates the Super Bowl in a spot created by Austin agency GSD&M that ran during NBC’s Super Bowl Pregame show.

The spot opens with a voiceover extolling the ability of the Super Bowl to “bring an entire nation together” over footage of friends and family enjoying the Big Game. “Whatever magic it is that gets us to crowd around our television sets for a brief, glorious moment in time, we’re thankful.”

Then the ad pulls the rug out from under viewers and reveals the real reason Dodge is thankful, as the scene shifts to empty roads: “… because the streets are just empty as hell right now.”

The remainder of “Empty Streets” focuses on a pair of Dodge cars muscling speeding their way down the empty streets, before concluding with the “Domestic. Not Domesticated.” tagline.

GSD&M introduced the tagline back in 2016 and it has continued to end a series of irreverent ads celebrating the auto brand’s penchant for high horsepower vehicles. GSD&M was named as Dodge’s lead agency following a 2016 review, but Dodge has worked with other roster agencies as well. Last May, GSD&M launched a “Brotherhood of Muscle” Fate of the Furious tie-in campaign for the brand.

In addition to the Super Bowl Pregame Show, the ad, which debuted on Saturday, also ran during NCAA Basketball coverage on CBS and Fox this weekend, as well as on Bravo, History and Discovery programming.

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