DMB&B Lights Up GM Buypower

D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles highlights the advantages of shopping for a new vehicle over the Internet in a pair of special effects-laden TV spots for General Motors’ Buypower program. The budget for the national campaign is about $30 million, according to industry estimates.
Award-winning commercial director Bruce Dowad directed the two 30-second spots, which were created by the shop’s Los Angeles office. Digital Domain, known for its effects work on films such as Titanic and What Dreams May Come, was enlisted to bring lampposts to life, according to Ann Blakney, GM Buypower national director.
“Lamp Posts,” which broke during the Academy Awards, depicts a young man logging on to the General Motors Buypower Web site ( A voiceover says, “Buying a car will never be the same,” as the scene changes to a GM car lot lit by tall lampposts. As the man clicks his mouse on different models, the lampposts move around the lot, illuminating each vehicle. The voiceover continues, “Even when the showroom’s closed, we’re open.” The ad closes with an image of the site on screen.
“Most Internet advertising is techy, showing a lot of Web pages,” said Phil Odell, DMB&B vice president, management supervisor. “[We] had a bit more fun.” A second spot, “Delivery Guy,” will break this week. Web ads and print executions support the TV work.