Dieste Harmel Translates GE’s ‘Imagination’

DALLAS Dieste Harmel & Partners’ first work for General Electric will be a Spanish-language translation of the company’s “Imagination at work” general-market campaign from BBDO, the client said.

Though the voiceovers and onscreen copy in the three television spots will be in Spanish, the “Imagination at work” tag will be spoken in English to maintain “global brand consistency,” client spokesperson Jonathan Klein said. GE launched its $100 million “Imagination at work” campaign in January 2003.

In one ad, canine television and film star Lassie uses superpower moves like those seen in The Matrix to scare off a cougar and represent GE’s Security Technologies.

Another commercial promotes GE’s Wind Energy by showing two boats of ancient mariners. One moves by sail and the other by people rowing. A voiceover asks the viewer to “imagine what a pleasant surprise it must have been when man first harnessed the power of wind.”

The third spot’s supermodel and engineer get married and represent the “beauty and brains” of GE Profile appliances.

The ads will break on Telemundo Friday and will run for 10 weeks in seven markets, including Houston, Dallas and Miami.

Campaign spending was undisclosed.

The Dallas agency won Hispanic corporate work for Fairfield, Conn.-based GE last March.