Dieste Defines ‘Valor’ for Hyundai Models

DALLAS Dieste Harmel & Partners’ latest Hispanic work for Hyundai continues to promote value as it introduces the 2004 Accent, Elantra and Sonata models in a TV campaign breaking tomorrow.

The Dallas shop has worked on the Spanish-language “Valor” (“Value”) campaign since 2000. For each car included in the national effort, value means something different, said agency managing partner Warren Harmel. As a less-expensive model in the Hyundai line, the Accent is affordable to the new car buyer. The Elantra is positioned as being valuable to the family. Lastly, the Sonata’s value lies in its style and sophistication.

The spots are designed to showcase the benefits of the three cars. The first spot caters to a younger audience by capitalizing on the affordability of the Accent. It opens with a young man running in a green field, with his new Accent trailing behind him. As he continues to frolic in the picturesque outdoors, his car is right there beside him. The ad finishes with the man and his car watching the sun go down.

The Elantra spot opens with a father and small boy driving away from a big city. As the father looks back in his rearview window, he sees his son clutching his security blanket. Trying to cheer him up, he begins pushing buttons in the car to distract him. He locks the doors, adjusts the side mirrors and turns on the radio and air conditioning. As the boy begins to smile, the father rolls down the back window. The spot ends with the boy laughing as he throws his blanket out the window.

The Sonata spot synchronizes a husband’s driving with his wife’s preparations for a romantic dinner. In the split screen, as the wife sprays on perfume, we see the husband drive through some light mist. As she lights a candle, the husband reacts to some fog. As she blows out a match, the car absorbs the gusty wind. As the wife stumbles over the cat at her feet, the husband breaks for a deer in the road. The spot concludes with the car driving up to the house and the wife walking out to meet her husband.

“We were trying to move the brand up in perception,” Harmel said about the Sonata spot.

Campaign spending is undisclosed. The Fountain Valley, Calif.-based car maker spent $15 million on Spanish-language media and $200 million on general-market ads last year, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus. The Richards Group is responsible for general-market advertising. Aegis Group’s Carat in New York handles all of Hyundai’s media.

Dallas-based Richards breaks new dealer spots tomorrow.