Deutsch Gets Back Into Vid Music Biz

A year and a half after a Mitsubishi executive declared that its commercials were getting “out of the music video business,” its former agency, Deutsch, is back in the business. Eric Hirshberg, executive creative director and managing partner of the Interpublic Group shop, directed the music video for Bon Jovi’s “Have a Nice Day,” which debuts tonight on VH1.

Deutsch was hired by Bon Jovi’s label, Island/Def Jam, to create an integrating marketing effort, including conceiving the video concept and designing the CD cover and in-store merchandising material.

Jack Rovner, one of Jon Bon Jovi’s managers at Vector Management, had worked with Deutsch on music for a 2003 Revlon ad and was “very much a fan of the Mitsubishi spots,” he said. He matched Island with the agency for a “team effort with Island and Deutsch to bring Jon the vehicles and platforms to present himself in a compelling way.”

The video shows Bon Jovi signing a fan’s CD, which features a black-on-red “angry” happy face with what Hirshberg describes as “[Jack] Nicholson eyebrows.” The icon is then sent by picture phone, goes viral and becomes adopted by street teams who plaster it on unsuspecting urbanites. The icon finally ends up as a crop circle.

“We needed to treat them like a brand, not a band,” said Hirshberg. “This is an exciting reversal. First, we had agencies being asked to imbue advertising with entertainment value; now we have agencies being asked to add marketing savvy to music videos. We didn’t think of the video as the be-all and end-all, but as the centerpiece of a larger universe of communications, as the start of a campaign.”