Deutsch Breaks Holiday Push for Old Navy

LOS ANGELES The first holiday campaign for Old Navy from Interpublic Group’s Deutsch LA breaks tonight during The O.C., The Apprentice, Will & Grace and ER and runs up to Christmas weekend, an agency executive confirmed.

Spending on the seasonal push was not disclosed. Old Navy handles media in-house.

“We’ve moved on from the ‘Feel-Good Fashion’ back-to-school campaign,” said Scott Moore, vice president and group account director. “The goal is always to create newness every season, both in terms of the products and our messaging. The theme now is different scenarios that target mothers, tapping into insights about the early holiday season and their buying needs.”

Moore said the scenarios start tonight with two spots selling sweaters. In “Grocery Store” and “Coffee House,” moms are caught off guard when Old Navy carolers sing recognizable holiday songs with altered lyrics that are “delightfully offbeat and purposefully don’t match the cadence of the song.”

Four spots releasing later in the fall “become more extreme,” Moore said. The carolers pop up in a bakery, an attic, behind the pinsetter in a bowling alley, and finally in a pantry.

While the back-to-school series tried to motivate youth to shop with their mothers at Old Navy, Moore said the focus is temporarily back on mom “because ’tis the season that mothers have all the spending power.”

Old Navy, a subsidiary of Gap, spent $180 million on advertising in 2003 and $100 million through September 2004, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.