Detroit Project Bashes Bush on Gas Prices

LOS ANGELES A Detroit Project Action Fund commercial blaming rising gas prices on what the organization calls “sweetheart deals” between the George W. Bush administration and oil companies launches today with spot buys in New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., according to columnist and Detroit Project representative Arianna Huffington.

Conceived and directed by Scott Burns as a pro bono project, the 30-second spot features a woman silently putting gas in her car as she eyes a series of upwardly spinning numbers. The spot blames the prices on “Record Profit for Oil Companies,” “Oil Company Contributions to Bush Administration,” “U.S. Tax Dollars Spent Defending Middle East Oil.” The tagline is, “It’s time for an oil change.”

The spots run through next week. A similarly themed print ad (headlined “The Real Price of Gas”) breaks in The New York Times tomorrow, Huffington said.

Huffington said that the administration has “easily available solutions to skyrocketing gas prices” but refuses to implement them because they are “solutions he is avoiding for his friends” in the oil business. “There has been no increase in fuel efficiency standards, and part of the homeland security budget is going to protect their refineries.”

The Detroit Project is spending $100,000 on media for the ad through Bill Hillsman of North Woods Advertising in Minneapolis, but Huffington said she “expects to see [that figure] multiply a thousandfold through free media.”