Demystifying Gen Z: Are Influencers Their Main Source of Fashion Inspo?

How the next generation of consumers gets their style tips

Editor: Nick Gardner
Headshot of Nick Gardner

This is Demystifying Gen Z, a video series produced in partnership Wayv where we sit down with Gen Z to get answers to marketers’ most pressing questions about the next generation of consumers.

In past episodes, we’ve covered content consumption habits, their thoughts on the retail experience, the state of brand loyalty and effective advertising.

In the fifth installment of the series, we’re discussing fashion and influencers. Are influencers the main source of fashion inspiration for Gen Z? What else do they look to influencers for? Hear from 14 Gen Zers (including one influencer) about their thoughts on the influencer economy, which is claiming a growing percentage of marketing budgets.

Nick is a video producer at Adweek and host of the Gen ZEOs podcast.