Dell, Mondelēz, Allstate CMOs Play the Desert Island Game

They couldn't choose one marketing strategy to take

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If chief marketing officers Lisa Cochrane of Allstate, Dana Anderson of Mondelēz and Bryan Jones of Dell were stuck on the desert island, not one of them could choose a singular marketing technique they'd take with them. 

"It's all about context," said Anderson, contesting the question posed during today's Advertising Week panel. 

To be fair, all three, as well as Starcom CEO Lisa Donohue, said they would choose methods that might make a story contagious—mobile, SEO, social media—but none of them deemed television desert island-worthy. In fact, all three CMOs said they are shifting their advertising dollars from television to digital media.

"It's not that television doesn't work; it's about stitching all of the marketing together and getting consumers to pick up their phone during a commercial break and connect," said Anderson. 

By 2015, Allstate will have shifted 10 percent of its television dollars to digital, and a third of the company's total media spend is now spent on digital, according to Cochrane. "Television is still important," said Cochrane. "It's the combination of the two, [digital and television. They] need each other." 

As for Dell, according to Jones, they go for consumers on television and save the business-to-business marketing for digital. 

The marketers also spoke about their increasing use of programmatic buying. For Dell, 28 percent of its buys are done by programmatic, and it's increasing that. Allstate is moving to an all programmatic method and bringing that in-house, said Cochrane, who explained that even as the company brings buying in-house, its relationship with media agency Starcom is still growing.

"Our media agencies do so much more than buying, and now they can focus on the fun stuff, the [strategy]," said Cochrane. 

As for Mondelēz, Anderson says the brand is currently working on a global request for proposals for programmatic technology. 

@KristinaMonllos Kristina Monllos is a senior editor for Adweek.