‘Debates’ Arise in Advertising Club Effort

NEW YORK The Advertising Club launches the print leg of its first campaign in two years today, asking agencies, “What have we done for you lately?”

“As a non-profit organization, we don’t have an in-house team—we really rely on the community,” said Gina Grillo, executive director of the Advertising Club. “I would love to have the good fortune of having a continuous ad campaign, but non-profits don’t have that kind of budget.”

WPP Group’s Brand Buzz in New York, working pro bono, created the “Debates” campaign for the Advertising Club with the intent of sparking conversation on subjects such as “Exactly how big should a logo be?” and “Is it legal for an account person to have an idea?” Print ads with those headlines broke today in advertising and marketing trade magazines. The Advertising Club began its effort last week by circulating premium items such as branded coffee cups and napkins at Advertising Week events.

“It was a great springboard for us to do this while everyone is thinking about advertising and the power of our community,” Grillo said.

Napkins read, “We’d like to thank the napkin for its important contribution to the creative process.” Coffee cups outlined coffee’s role in the creative process, from “thought” to “epiphany” to “bathroom.” Balloons and posters were also part of care packages sent to shops last week, Grillo said.

In addition to the print ads, BrandBuzz will create a Weblog that will appear on the Advertising Club’s Web site at the end of the year. The blog will host a new topic each month and will kick off with the headlines from the campaign.