Data Points: Generation Gap

Study shows millennials could learn a thing or two from their parents about manners

Baby boomers may have screwed a lot of things up for the next generations, saddling them with debt and holding on tight to their wealth while their childrens' prospects have all but evaporated in the Great Recession. And millennials have good reason to feel superior to their elders on a number of fronts, according to the DDB Life Style Study, which shows them more progressive than boomers when it comes to interracial marriage and gay rights. But let's not hold up millennials as a paragon of character just yet. When it comes to issues of character, millennials are, disturbingly, much more likely to think it's OK to engage in antisocial behavior like taking credit for someone else's work or ask a friend to pose as their ex-boss on a reference check than boomers are.