DaimlerChrysler Pulls Another Spot

DETROIT — DaimlerChrysler is pulling another TV spot from the air, this time a Dodge Caravan commercial that state highway officials complained was an encouragement to reckless driving, a company representative said.

The 30-second spot from PentaMark Worldwide, Troy, Mich., shows a Dodge Caravan passing a snowplow, which is clearing a mountain road. The voiceover states: “The view never changes unless you’re the lead dog,” and goes on to say the Caravan’s “available 3.8 liter magnum, V-6 and all-wheel drive, it’s how the lead dog leads.”

The spot broke in early January and has been running in cold weather states, said Chrysler representative James Kenyon. It was pulled Jan. 25 in Minnesota and Wisconsin and will be off the air in other states by Jan. 29, he said. The agency is re-editing the spot to show the minivan already in front of the plow, and the new version should be on air by the end of the week, Kenyon said.

This is the third spot pulled or re-edited by the automaker in the past several months. Chrysler pulled a Jeep spot two weeks ago after complaints from hunters that it degraded their sport. Earlier, the company offered dealers an alternative version of a Chrysler Concorde spot that some considered too racy.