Cyclist Sells Comcast in 4 Cities

NEW YORK Four-time Tour de France winner and recently minted Subaru spokesman Lance Armstong is on his bike again to tout another company—Comcast.

In a series of television spots that introduce the cable provider to new markets in Chicago, Boston, Atlanta and San Francisco, Armstrong pedals up Bay Area hills and through a Northern California forest while he talks about dedication, resolve and grit. Not his own, but Comcast’s.

“I know people who refuse to settle for good enough. I know people who think working hard is the only way to work. I know people who don’t believe in the words ‘overnight success.’ Let me introduce you,” Armstrong says in his narration.

During the voiceover, the commercial cuts between Armstrong leading a pack of cyclists to Comcast employees scaling a telephone pole, answering customer calls and arriving at a home to set up cable service. The words “We’re ready to work” appear at the end of the spot. Another spot with different narration by Armstrong ends by asserting the company will earn customers’ respect.

“Comcast just acquired these regions from AT&T and a lot of these areas have had three or four operators in the last three or four years,” said Steve Red, chief creative officer at Red Tettemer, the Philadelphia shop that created the ads. “So we wanted to do some advertising that said not only are we going to be your new cable company, but we’re going to be committed to doing things right.”

The commercials cost nearly $750,000 to produce and were directed by Jim McGorman of SBK Pictures, also in Philadelphia. Red Tettemer, which has worked with the cable provider for nearly four years, recently won a best of television award for a Comcast spot at the Philadelphia Addys.