Cossette Post Promotes E-Realtor

NEW YORK Real estate Web site this week launched a $500,000 test-marketing campaign in four regions that will likely balloon into a $13-18 million campaign from Cossette Post, sources said.

The test campaign is using print, broadcast and direct mail to raise the client’s profile in Phoenix, Savannah, Ga., Salt Lake City and Las Vegas, said Frank Sampogna, chairman and chief operating officer of Cossette. The creative was developed in-house, but the New York shop will create a new branding campaign based on test results, Sampogna said. The tagline for the test work: “No commission, lots of help.”

“This is a dot-com that’s making money and they wanted to leap off the Internet and build a brand,” Sampogna said.

The client allows homeowners to sell their houses without paying a standard 6 percent commission to a real estate agent. Users post an ad on the Web site and can ask for counseling while navigating the steps of selling their homes. An online ad costs $79.95 monthly or $199.99 until the house is sold.

Print ads will run in Georgia, television in Las Vegas, direct mail in Phoenix and both direct mail and radio in Salt Lake City, said Jeff Mindham, director of marketing for the client. Mindham said he chose Cossette without a review for two reasons: the shop’s experience with test marketing and because he had worked with Sampogna several years ago.

Testing will run for two months, with new work appearing in May, Mindham said. The ads will likely target home sellers, rather than buyers, he said.

“I know from experience that when you target sellers you get more buyers,” Mindham said, adding that for every three sellers the ads attract, one buyer will also respond to their message.