Coors Light lampoons ads in new campaign

Leslie Nielsen is back making parody advertising for Coors Light.
Similar in style to the spots that got the the brewery caught up in a legal battle with Eveready Battery Co. in 1991, Nielsen does a take-off on some surreal cosmetic ads, such as the “Share the Fantasy” series from Chanel.
Using the deadpan humor, which made Nielsen famous in his roles in the Naked Gun movie series, Coors shows Nielsen making light of the surrealistic romance fantasies of men and women used in a number of cosmetics commercials. One scene, which closely resembles an ad for Chanel, shows Nielsen diving into a pool at one end, while a woman lounges at the other end. He walks out of the pool with the Coors Light on a server’s tray and offers the beer to the woman. As he does so, he suddenly slips and falls back into the pool. When the camera pulls back on the pool, a Coors Light can takes the place of the pool. The company calls the spot, “Share the six-pack.”
Eveready tried to block Coors in May of 1991 when Nielsen donned pink bunny ears and a drum, similar to the Eveready rabbit. The company claimed Coors was illegally using the company’s trademark. After weeks of wrangling, a judge allowed Coors to run the ad, saying it was an obvious parody.
Officials from Coors’ agency, Foote, Cone & Belding/Chicago, don’t believe the new ads will cause as great of controversy. “I wouldn’t think so,” said Mitchell Engel, managing director/executive vp, FCB. “We’ve demonstrated in the past that parodies are a rightful form of advertising. (In the ‘Pink Bunny’ spot) they thought the bunny itself was a trademark problem. In this instance, there is nothing really comparable. So we don’t anticipate any problems with this campaign.”
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