Contests Require Careful Strategy or Risk Being Dismissed by Audiences

It’s a game of skill, not chance

Competitions and giveaways walk a thin line between being spammy and piquing audience attention. Getty Images

Giveaways are dime a dozen across social media. Effective, legal, responsible and on-brand competitions, however—not so much. Cluttering up your newsfeed, thanks to shares and tagging, and popping up as adverts and organically from the pages you like, they range from products you’re actually likely to buy to that old chestnut, the “Win an RV” scam. With so much competition white noise, there’s a temptation to think, “If everyone’s at it, what could go wrong?” The answer is: everything. Competitions can deliver serious ROI but, done badly, there can be a huge cost to your client’s brand and ultimately your bottom-line.

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Suki Harrison is the founder of competition consultancy OrigamiGlobe.