‘Content & Contact’ Points Way to the Future

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. The Content & Contact category at the Clios represents the future of the ad business in terms of its marriage of creative and media, said the category jury chair, Ty Montague, co-president and chief creative officer of JWT.

The category is an important one because it “begins to build a bridge between the context of an idea and its content,” Montague said during a talk on Tuesday. “In a well-crafted idea, the two things are inseparable.”

The winners of the Content & Contact category, including Cole & Weber/Red Cell in Seattle’s Rainier campaign, which won a gold, Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s Virgin pay-per-view porn spoof, “Suite and Innocent,” which won a gold, and CP+B’s “Chicken Fight,” which won a silver, all share that characteristic. “They’re things that have to be invited into people’s lives, they can’t be pushed,” Montague said. “That simple idea has massive implications for our business.”

With the consumer in control like never before, new forms of measurement must move beyond impressions to measure how much an idea engages the consumer, according to Montague.

Montague showed two complete Content & Contact winners: SS+K in New York’s ConQuest Urban Geo Game, which won a silver, and Cole & Weber’s “Remember Rainier” campaign, in order to show the lengths these shops went to engage the consumer.

The New York-based Montague also reiterated the idea he put forward at the Internet, Content & Contact, Print, Design & Innovative Media awards on Monday night, that creative and media departments should not be separate.

“I don’t believe clients are served by the separation, and clients need to drive [the departments] back together,” he said.

Montague also showed an entry that didn’t win but generated much discussion in the jury room. It was an execution for a hair-care product Rejoice Reviving Shampoo. Starcom in the Philippines created a pop song and “hair flip” dance movement that spawned a craze in the Philippines, resulting in a gold record and music video.

“It was clearly a massive success, but we decided other work felt more innovative and broke more new ground,” Montague said. “I don’t know whether that was the right decision or not, but it was clearly notable.”

The 2005 Clio Awards conclude tonight at the TV & Radio gala at the Jackie Gleason Theater. The Clios and Adweek are properties of VNU.