A Concord of the Sexes

They may hail from different planets, but men and women will occasionally surprise you by holding the same opinions. In a survey by The Polling Company, there was scarcely any gender gap when people were asked to cite the “greatest challenges” facing women (see the chart). When the same poll asked people to name “the most important issue facing women today,” there was a bit less uniformity of response. Men were more likely to cite job issues (35 percent, vs. 29 percent of female respondents) and less likely to pick family matters (6 percent, vs. 15 percent of women). Men were slightly more likely than women to say discrimination is the main issue facing women (12 percent vs. 9 percent). Where is gender discrimination most evident today? Pluralities of men (34 percent) and women (40 percent) pointed to the workplace. Both sexes agreed that racial discrimination is more common these days than the gender-based variety. That’s not to say, however, thatgender discrimination is viewed as a thing of the past. In a new Harris Poll, 27 percent of female respondents said women “often” experience discrimination in the workplace.