Comedian Tig Notaro Would Rather Start Her Morning With Cute Animal Videos Than Emails

And why she isn't fond of Twitter

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Claim to fame Comedian; creator and star of One Mississippi on Amazon Prime; performing a New York Comedy Festival show at Carnegie Hall on Sat. Nov. 5

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Adweek: What's the first information you consume when you wake up? 

Tig Notaro: I like to start my day with an overload of anything that's adorable—kittens, puppies, just that generic kind of stuff, but that's not really information. I guess I like to begin my day with feeling good rather than immediately reading emails or anything like that. I try and put that off for as long as I can.

Where do you get your animal videos?

A couple of my friends are animal junkies and cute junkies, so I go to their Facebook. I have a friend on Facebook that could curate cute. I can't wait when I wake up to look at her page and see what she's put on there. It's just the best.

There's a website that's dedicated to animal stuff called The Dodo.

See, that's the thing—I don't want to follow that. I want to follow friends that follow that. I'm trying to avoid having my life get sucked up by things. If I can let other people spend their lives getting sucked up by it and just filter the good stuff for me, that's great.

What are your go-to social platforms?

I have a Facebook account. I have a Twitter account, but I don't even have the password to it. I've never tweeted in my life. Funny or Die started the Twitter account for me. Somebody tweets for me and then they pass the password and information to the next person. It goes to comedians, actors, cartoonists, authors, open mic-ers—anyone can get a hold of my Twitter account.

Do you look at what people are posting on your behalf?

I have. I have to say it doesn't really interest me.

Why not?

I guess I don't like small talk; I don't like people that talk too much. Maybe it can start to feel like that after a certain point. My wife tweets, and she doesn't get on my nerves. A lot of my good friends and people I admire tweet, and they don't get on my nerves. But I don't know.

What are your TV-watching habits?

I'm probably a nightmare to talk to. I don't follow anything. I love documentaries.

Did you watch the Amanda Knox one?

I did. I did not enjoy it, and I was very excited to watch it. I feel like any of that kind of murder mystery, whodunit kind of stuff is fascinating. But I didn't like the style of it. I didn't find it compelling, and it's a very compelling story. I just watched March of the Penguins. I didn't watch it for years because I thought it was a Disney-animated movie, and my wife, Stephanie, was like, "No, you buffoon, it's a documentary." I had never seen that, and I loved it.

What's on your reading list?

I especially love rock 'n' roll biographies and autobiographies. One that I read recently was by Cynthia Lennon, John Lennon's ex-wife. It's so good. It feels like a more balanced opinion of John. I'm a very big fan of his music and everything, but I've never been fooled by the "give peace a chance." I don't ever buy into the idea that celebrities are perfect people.

This article will appear in the Nov. 7, 2016 issue of Adweek magazine.

@KristinaMonllos Kristina Monllos is a senior editor for Adweek.