Colby Again Praising Avocado Love

Latest Campaign Urges Consumers to Give In to Their Cravings
LOS ANGELES–Colby Effler & Partners has created another set of funky ads in its latest campaign for the California Avocado Commission. Separately, the agency has crafted a new ad effort for The Beverly Center shopping center.
The shop has created national billboard, bus shelter, radio and print ads for the Santa Ana, Calif.-based avocado commission. The first round of ads broke last week. Billings are estimated at $4 million.
The campaign targets two separate groups, according to Rick Colby, executive creative director and chief operating officer at the Santa Monica, Calif., shop. It is designed to reach the core group of consumers who love avocados but don’t buy them regularly, while also appealing to emerging avocado consumers.
As last year’s effort did, the new ads urge consumers to give in to their avocado desire. The blue background of previous ads is now green, and the ripe avocado half remains. Next to the fruit are the words “Genuine California Avocados,” along with humorous headlines.
One ad reads, “You look. You drool. You drive on. It’s time to deal with this.” Another posits, “These cravings you have are normal. You just have to believe that.”
“Just say it: I love the avocado. There, see how good that feels?” reads third execution.
Print ads will appear in various lifestyle magazines throughout the Southeast U.S.
Separately, the agency has created a new print and outdoor campaign for The Beverly Center, a shopping center in Los Angeles.
The award-winning “Don’t blend in” concept has been dropped in favor of a new line, “Just what you had in mind.” The ads show images of models with accessories and clothes sketched on their bodies. Billboards are up in the Los Angeles area.
Also, the agency is currently a finalist in the review for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority’s $27-30 million account. Presentations will be held Tuesday in Las Vegas.