Colby Adds Sutter Home Winery

LOS ANGELES Dentsu’s Colby & Partners has added creative chores for Trinchero Family Estates’ Sutter Home winery, according to the shop.

The Santa Monica, Calif.-based agency already handled the client’s media buying and public relations, said Diane Dreyer, senior vice president at Colby. Creative chores had been handled in-house.

The creative was won without a review, Dreyer said. “We’re also doing more strategic consulting for them, and helping them integrate advertising with the retail program,” she added. “We look at the business holistically.”

Dreyer said the agency had pitched the St. Helena, Calif., company every year on ideas surrounding a national recipe contest at the vintner’s location and on custom programming for the Food Network. (Dreyer’s experience includes producing lifestyle television programming.)

“[Sutter] is interested in repositioning and contemporizing the brand,” Dreyer said. “We’re looking at a lot of new communications opportunities for them and exploring the whole area of online—a lot a wine brands don’t do that.” The effort would attempt “to build traffic to their newly designed Web site. Our job is to drive younger consumers to the brand,” she said.

One of Sutter’s challenges is that it is mainly known for white Zinfandel, “so we have to broaden Sutter’s image,” she said.

Dreyer said upcoming campaigns would promote Sutter Home Minis (small bottles of the wine), emphasizing their convenient use in seasonal activity such as football game tailgating and at parties with numerous varieties represented in galvanized tubs of ice. She said Colby would also introduce the brand’s new low-alcohol “Fre” wine products.

Spending was not disclosed but will likely be in the $1-2 million range.