Coke’s Wonderful 2010 Holiday Plan

Get ready for Coca-Cola-branded It’s a Wonderful Life apparel, glassware and holiday gift items. Not this December, though. The beverage giant is partnering with Paramount to develop a line of licensed products for 2010.

The idea was born out of a brainstorming session within Paramount’s licensing department. They sat down and watched It’s a Wonderful Life again.

But this time they were looking for new ways to license the property for the film’s 65th anniversary. “We were looking for a way to reinvigorate the brand…we were thinking, who can we partner with in a program that would work seamlessly?” said Darren Kyman, executive director, marketing and retail development for Paramount Licensing.

And there it was: Coca-Cola, prominently featured in the scenes that took place in Gower Drugs. Paramount reached out to Coke, which is celebrating its 125th anniversary next year, and came up with a licensing plan based on the classic film.
The two recently finalized a style guide featuring vintage artwork that has a small town, post-World War II feel. Artwork taps into familiar aspects of the film like the drugstore, the town of Bedford Falls and the Bailey family.

Coke and Paramount are looking into licensing the properties across a variety of categories including accessories, apparel, collectibles, confectionary products, drink ware, games, home décor, ornaments and publishing. The products will begin appearing next.

“It’s another connection point for us during the holidays,” said Kelli Sogar, global business development manager, CocaCola. “We both have iconic imagery that evokes nostalgic memories during the holidays.”